Wild Huckleberry Tea, 4 bag pouch

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Delicious flavored Black Ceylon teas are created from premium leaf, 100% exclusive High Grown Ceylon tea from estates above 5500 ft in elevation.This beautifully flavored black tea is flavored with 100% All-Natural Flavoring Oils with no chemical residue or after taste. Can be brewed hot, cold or in the sun.

Made by Huckleberry Haven, Inc. located in Northwest Montana, just outside of Glacier National Park. Made in small batches from handpicked berries.  Wild huckleberries are indigenous to the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains and have never been successfully cultivated.  Since huckleberries only grow in the wild their availability is limited and special. 

Ingredients:Premium Leaf Ceylon Tea, Natural Flavors. Contains Caffeine.

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